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The group was established in New Zealand as Brierley Investments Limited (BIL) in 1961. Founded by Sir Ronald Brierley, BIL’s initial focus was to acquire substantial shareholdings in public companies in Australia and New Zealand.


By the 1980s, BIL had made numerous global investments with shareholdings in over 300 companies. In the late 1980s, BIL began to realign its strategy by focusing on a smaller number of assets with a core of trading subsidiaries and associated companies.


The Asian economic crisis in 1997/98 led the Board to initiate a review of BIL’s corporate philosophy and investment strategy. This resulted in the disposal of a number of non-performing investments.


Year 2000 represented a significant milestone for BIL as the Group shifted its primary stock exchange listing from New Zealand to Singapore, and its management team proceeded to restructure the group’s investment portfolio.


In October 2007, the group changed its name to GuocoLeisure Limited.


In October 2015, the group changed it’s name to GL Limited.